Sabtu, 2 April 2011


I am weird.I care so much about the common good.
It is important to better the quality of life for future generations.
I believe rules were made to be broken.
I know that anything is possible.
It's good to shake everything up every once in a while.
If we were less attached to things, there would be far less suffering in the world.
I appreciate all differences among people.
I am glad to be on planet Earth.
Universal brotherhood/sisterhood is possible, and I believe in it.
Technology is a good thing.
I am in my body.
I love being in my body.
It's best to be open to experiment with almost anything.
It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you.
Aliens exist.
I am friendly to everyone I meet.
I like to say, "I love you."
I need my freedom.
It's good to be ahead of your time.
Everyone is equal.
I like to do volunteer service.
It's important to end racism and prejudice.
Intuitive flashes provide the best information.
The human mind has produced amazing and wonderful things.

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